Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fast Cars Pics Amazing Fast Cars Images

Many new types of fast cars are being introduced into the market everyday, the following are few of them. bugatti veyron and pagani zonda are among them. just have a look at them.

fast cars carter
fast cars

I mean, what’s the big deal about cars? Aside from being used as transportation to wherever you might go, some of those rich and famous, use cars as their way of telling the world that they are in to the latest fashion of the world. It’s not only the outfits that stars compete upon. Now, this car thing? These are the real fashion that most men who were into this mechanically-electronically programmed automobile that sets our hair on fire, craved the most. Especially if it’s speeding through the interstates. A good way to tease the law enforcers of the street.

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Such a luxurious car to drive, but do you think it’s too fancy? I mean, just look at its features, and you will see hundred of dollars in exchange to that. A load of money will be totally out of your grip with just the tires alone. Well one great toy and one, expensive enough to feed a hundred of people around.

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fast car

Like the other racing cars, the F70’s front design will be a combination of the modern devices of an F1 car and the traditional touches of the old super cars. It will feature the magnesium sports wheels that will be a more convenient device in cooling the engine such as a carbon grille put in the back. Its brakes will have a bigger disc, and the interior is absolutely deep sports seas. And, lastly, the tires are pirelli P-Zero which give the car an enormous grip.

new fast cars

As a racing car, the so called car-technologies of the F70 pooled a car with the design and power of an F1 car and at the same time a normal car that is design for the road. These f70 is powered with 100 hp approximately and its two exhaust pipes will be mounted on the top of the back end, while the other two is down with the diffuser.

amazing fast cars
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Nothing could defeat a high powered car such as a Ferrari in conquering the road. The 2009 Ferrari F70 was the new super car that Ferrari will launch this year. Generally, Ferrari cars are counted as one of the most high-powered car in the world of racing. A natural born racing cars, that’s the Ferrari!

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open fast cars

Cars! What about cars? Cars are men’s super expensive toys. Fords, Mercedes, Hondas, are just examples of those giant speedy toys that men and women go crazy about. It’s the leading cause why people around the world go wild whenever the oil price hikes to the top.


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