Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Batman Motor- BAT Pod

You May think That the Batman motor was made from special materials that finished millions dollar. Bat Pod the motor that was driven by Batman Motor in the 'Dark Knight' film evidently was made from available junk things in the house garage the director. To make dummy Bat Pod the director
Chris Nolan was accompanied designer Nathan Crowley only gathered things that were not used in his house garage and united him. The two of them then did not know how that was true to make an appropriate motor be driven. Although having several things that must be bought, Chris only bought him in the material shop the house. So creative him, the director was not shy to steal the tyre that was installed in BatMobile to be installed to this motor. it is from after dummy him succeeded in being and resembling a motor, various hindrances then emerged. One of them, how made this motor could the road and could be steered. The Batman costume that outflanked then became the other hindrance. However owing to the hard work of the team,  here are photos of BAt Pot


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