Monday, March 15, 2010

Audi S4: The fastest and most powerful S4 ever!

Audi S4
The fastest and most powerful Audi S4 comes from ... Poland!
Arek’s 1,000+ horsepower 1998 B5 Audi S4 Avant is fast. Very fast. Not only is it the fastest Audi in Poland (winning the 2005 Polish 1/4 mile racing championships), it’s also the fastest and most powerful Audi S4 in the world.

The basis of this story started years ago. It is common knowledge that the B5 S4 platform has a very strong aftermarket following with numerous tuning options. Off-the-shelf kits exist which can easily double a stock S4’s modest 250 hp output, and then some. One of the limiting factors has always been the tight placement of the turbochargers within the B5 platform’s cramped engine bay. There is simply not much space available between the exhaust manifolds and frame rails, which makes stuffing jumbo sized turbos under the hood of a B5 S4 a challenging and frustrating exercise.

Back around 2004 pictures and videos of a Polish-built S4 putting out crazy amounts of power and running staggeringly fast 10 second quarter mile times started to circulate around the internet. This Audi was equipped with huge Turbonetics T4 turbochargers which had been relocated higher up in the engine bay, instead of the normal location tucked underneath each cylinder bank. Naturally this sparked considerable interest, as this type of power output and dragstrip performance had not yet been achieved by any North American S4 tuner.

Audi S4
Audi S4


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