Saturday, March 27, 2010

What Not To Do When Shopping For Auto Loans

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Are you currently looking for no credit car financing? Do you find all this car financing thing too confusing to even start? Well, we are here to put an end to it, we tell you things that you should not do in order to stay on the right path. The first thing to keep in mind is that you should not shop too much for your loan. You will read to hear many people say that you should check out as many lenders as possible for a better deal. Yes, you should check out and compare the quotes but that is pretty much it, you should not apply for all. Applying for loans will only make your credit score go down. So it may be time to shop around but keep it only until that. The safe number is three or less applications and try and do all this in one week only that way it counts as only one credit inquiry and not too many.

Next, you should not be too afraid to walk off from deal. It is completely okay to walk away. The dealer would rather want to make less profit than no profit at all. Neither you nor he is unaware of the fact that you have many options to explore and if he thinks his customer would slip, he might throw you a deal that you want to get you back. You will either get a call in few days with the price that you want or you always have the option of going to another dealer.

Do not pay extra for any add-ons. If you already are paying a high interest rate then no need to pay extra for paint protection, VIN number window etching or extended warranties. You can get this from private companies and not pay anything extra, may it be for Used auto Loan or No Credit Car Loan. Pay only what you should and nothing like dealer’s advertising costs Dealers try to include the cost of their advertising in your bill so make sure you check thoroughly your list of everything that you are charged for. You are sure to get a Guaranteed auto finance.


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