Saturday, April 3, 2010

BMW SERIE 0 New Series

We'll have to seriously question where we are all these rumors related to the new organic range of BMW. There has been talk of hybrids, electric vehicles and three-wheeled ... and of course, models with conventional engine, only smaller and more efficient simply. For the same back with the latest news of CAR, which retrieves the rumor that BMW plans to launch a model below the 1 Series platform based on the MINI.

Although the idea of a front-wheel Munich can stir some stomachs, we must bear in mind that the purpose and focus of this call that "serial 0" would not be that of a conventional BMW.

First, the task would reduce emission levels from the manufacturer to comply with new laws, and secondly, I would go back to those consumers who are supposedly lost in a MINI and the 1 Series (are there?). Because let's face it, the "small" BMW are already huge. Note that only the 1 Series is almost the same as the first generation of Series


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