Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Concept Ferrari F1 cars and the lastest Gt cars

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New F10's presentation alive on the internet break almanac of antecedent editions

Maranello, 28 January 2010 – The new Scuderia Ferrari's single-seater already bankrupt its aboriginal record: the access to the website.

More than three actor users were affiliated to watch the presentation, which let the website benumb for a brace of abnormal in several moments.

Source - Ferrari
F10's admission postponed

Maranello, 29 January 2010 - It should accept been an appetiser for Felipe Massa: 100 kilometres to shoot some video's for the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro's partners, but snow and ice actuality in Maranello - bygone and today - didn't acquiesce the Brazilian disciplinarian to go assimilate the clue with the F10.

The accommodation to adjourn the single-seater's admission on the clue has been taken in the morning afterwards a aftermost analysis in Fiorano. The technicians are beneath afraid about the accompaniment of the track's tarmac, but about the run-off areas covered in icy snow: so there is no point in demography any accidental accident and alike maybe damaging genitalia of the car. Felipe will accept to delay for addition 72 hours until he can assuredly drive his new car on Monday, 1 February, on the 'Ricardo Tormo' ambit in Cheste aloof alfresco Valencia.


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