Sunday, May 16, 2010

2010 Hamann Conqueror II Ambit Rover Sport

2010 Hamann Conqueror II Ambit Rover Sport

Hamann-Motorsport, Laupheim-based aggregation accepted for affluence car adjustment specialist exclusive, afresh presented Conqueror II Hamann Ambit Rover Sport. With Conqueror II, Ambit Rover Action Supercharged V8 5.0-reaching advance of the agent 60 hp / 37 kW, to access the achievement of the alternation 510 hp / 375 kW to 560 hp / 412 kW at 6500 rpm Simultaneously, the best torque is additionally added by 60 Nm to 685 the ambit of 2500 Nm at speeds up to 5500 min rpmU /.

Hamann offers a alternation of autogenous accessories with black-anodized aluminum accumulated with the appliance of carbon, pedals and bottom rests are fabricated of carbon fiber, a cossack mat breeding with adorning stitches and abstract logo for Hamann Ambit Rover Sport. To highlight the set of aerodynamic and sporty, adapted Hamann Ambit Rover Action with accession extensions are fabricated of failing blended materials, apparatus tailored appearance advanced bonanza with four chip LED daytime active lights and carbon hood, and Hamann action bankrupt arrangement with stainless animate aqueduct end end bankrupt and four that can be optionally adapted with metal catalysts, action centermost assorted and aqueduct set.

To wheel, Hamann offers a ample array of designs and sizes, such as wheels, one allotment alleged Forged anodized different admeasurement 23 inches. Hamann recommends a aggregate of tires for the advanced auto and rear axles is 11 × 23 inches with tires barometer 315/25 r23. In addition, Hamann additionally offers a kit which lowers the centermost of force bargain by 40 millimeters II Conqueror in advanced and 30 millimeters in the rear axle.


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