Wednesday, May 5, 2010

bmw z3 review

The model BMW Z3 Roadster car with the roof body is a much more open and V. It was first shown in Geneva in October 1995. In addition, once a film - was primarily car role in a movie on the story of British super agent James Bond.

BMW Z3 Established by the classic front-engine, rear driving wheels, but this can be much more car very tough curves at high speed without fear of storms thanks to a wide track gauge, almost perfect load on the axle, a low centre of gravity, combined with a rigid suspension and precise steering control with amplifiers. A highly efficient and reliable braking system with ABS and disc brakes on all wheels with automatic stability control system with traction control (ADC + T) to control machines in all situations.
bmw z3
bmw z3 luxery cars
bmw z3
bmw z3


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