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Chevrolet Corvette 2009 Specification

Chevrolet Corvette 2008 Specification It iscomparatively small dishes, the system of twin-disc allows the inertia similar of disc to the Z06 Corvette, which has 290mm, system of simple-disc, contributing to the low effort of shift and providing the particularly soft effort of pedal of interlocking and light. In fact, the more powerful ZR1 has an effort of pedal similar to Z06.

The clutch of Chevrolet Corvette 2008 ZR1-specific in the transmission provides a stiff report/ratio First-speed which the assistances launch the car. The car the 'high speed of S is built in the sixth change speed-a Fifth-speed, the run-outs top-speed in the Corvette handbook-transmission and the Z06 Corvette. Speeds also are conceived to balance the execution with the improvement. The angles of the teeth of gears are optimized to provide the force and the calm one.

Writer 'note of S: The word is now outside on the Corvette baddest never to descend pike. While all information mentioned above is directly GM at December 20, 2007, we will have to await our turn to deliver to us thus we can test this animal for ourselves. Most probably, we will receive the call to examine it on a true way of race as we made for the release of C6 Z06, which with all fine practices would be the surest route for each one implied. Stay granted for later developments as they occur. We can hardly wait!

The official numbers of Corvette ZR1 are inside and they 'about the good. Very good :

  1. $103.300 MSRP (load including $850 destinations)
  2. economy of fuel EPA-envisaged road 14 of the city and 20
  3. 0-60 M/H in 3.4 seconds
  4. 0-100 M/H in 7.0 seconds
  5. past time of 11.3 seconds Quarter-thousand to 131 M/H

Corvette ZR1 also has an high speed of 205 M/H (330 km/h), making him the fastest Corvette ever produced and arranging it among the total superb cars of the proportioned execution. None of these other superb cars, however, equalizes report/ratio of ZR1 the 'execution-by-dollar of S.

ZR1 is an incredible machine by any measurement, ED says Peper, North-American vice-president, Chevrolet. There 's simply no other vehicle in the world which completes a better work of execution, price and of economy of fuel of balancing.

Prospect for execution
Corvette ZR1 the 'execution of S 0-60 is the 0.3 second faster than the Corvette already-rapid Z06 and the execution 0-100-mph is almost a full faster second - 7 seconds against Z06 'the S 7.9 seconds. It is the execution with which is equal or better than the superb calculation of the costs of much of cars primarily more.

Has report/ratio favorable of power-with-weight gives to the ZR1 an advantage compared to competition and to the execution which must be tested to appreciate fully, to Tom says Wallace, chief engineer of Corvette. Naturally, on a racecourse, the drivers of the competitors of the 'cars can appreciate the ZR1 in a whole different way.

And the racecourse isn 't the only place where the ZR1 trumps its competitors of superb-car - it beats them with the pump with gas, too. According to, cities EPA-evaluated of ZR1 'of S the 14 and 20 estimates of mileage of road beat 2008 competitors such as Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano (road 11 villes/15); Lamborghini Murcielago (road 8 villes/13) and Aston Martin V8 advantageous (road 12 villes/19). They 'about competing with the viper of turning (road 13 villes/22) and Porsche 911 GT3 (road 15 villes/22).

Under the carbon-fibre cap
A new LS9 6.2L overfed small-blocks powers of engine the possibilities of execution of ZR1 'of S. Resisting and light weight exchanging the components supports the execution haut-T/MN, whereas new, superheater of sixth-generation (and to supplement the system of charge-cooling) assistance the large LS9 to make the power and couple through the range of T/MN. The engine hand-is assembled in the center of construction of GM 'of execution of S, in Wixom, Mich.

In addition to engine LS9, the ZR1 is a powerplant of technology, conceived with the light and single components which reinforce its execution with a feeling of confidant on a road or the course of road.


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