Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Logan promises more style A refreshed Logan

Renault-had Dacia regenerated Logan, and Mahindra-Renault is placed to offer the same thing too to the Indian customers. While mechanically there was no dry blow with the car, time and the effort was devoted on revitalizing the visual aspect of the car, and the interiors.

The face uses now larger, more angular headlights, and has a large chromium bar placed on the grill, which will call upon the Indian customers, who equalize chromium with expensive. A smooth stop integrated the profile, and borders it carbon imitation for the lamps of fog (on the cars haut-Sp�c.) also add a expensive feeling. The lights of tail remain primarily unchanged.

On the interior, the instrument panel now borrowed from the trap door of Sandero, makes at the interiors a more pleasant place to be inside. One can immediately detect association with the design first, but it is rounder, smoothing tool and less angular. Moreover larger mirrors have the means the promise of a better back visibility, and a safety belt of three points for the average passenger in the back line is very useful.Logan Photo.
Regenerated Logan will not come to India before 2009 because the version of control on the right must be machin�e still. A raising of prices for the new model can be envisaged, more especially as Mahindra-Renault is under presses with one euro in rise. 40 percent of Logan are still imported and if Mahindra-Renault is to maintain the accessibility of Logan, its USP indeed, it will have to be based on greater volumes to control the costs.


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