Monday, May 10, 2010

New Alfa 8C

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione will obtain a successor for the centenary of the company in 2010, and it could be based on Ferrari California if Alfa Romeo can run up against a business of difficult of `with Maranello. New Alfa 8C Photo

The owners of alpha believe that the idea to build a supercar with low volume which the spirit of Mark incarnates and provides of the selections of design for lower models in bottom of the balance - cleared with the half-compartment and the convertible one of the limit-edition 8C - worked spectacularly well.

Engines of Maserati and current speed were used for the original 8C, but Alfa Romeo 'total marketing director of S Sergio Cravero believes that a car based on new Ferrari California would be ideal as a its replacement.

It would be large if Ferrari let to us do it,� Cravero said, �but it is very difficult to convince them.� The 8C project will have broken even, financially speaking, before the 500 spiders currently in construction were delivered.

Alfa Romeo had provided to build only half-compartments, and each of the 500 sold quickly, but the request for an alternative of lower-top was so large that the company curved with the pressure.

Cravero believes that the project 8 C.A. carried out much more identification of mark than a calculation of the costs of publicity campaign of TV by similar amount of money, and is sharp to repeat the process.

The `new 8C' would be an engine car before-and rear-wheel-drive, made again in limited numbers, but no firm decision was still made about its mechanical design or supports. However, the owners of alpha recognize that to take a ready car within two year, a plan will have to emerge very soon.New Alfa 8C Photo.


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