Sunday, March 21, 2010

BMW 325i with full BMW Performance kit!

Now this is a sight that you seriously won’t see often – an E90 Sedan with almost the full range of BMW Performance add-ons installed. And I say this because the total cost of the full kit clocks in at RM103,300, which is what you’ll have to pay over what it costs to buy a 325i in the first place, which is over RM300k.

So that’s over RM400k, which is actually still not enough for a 335i since that twin-turbo baby in BMW Individual trim goes for over half a million bucks.

Here’s what went into this car, all from BMW Performance:

  • Carbon fiber mirror caps
  • Carbon fiber diffuser for M Aerodynamic kit
  • Carbon fiber front splitter for M Aerodynamic kit
  • Carbon fiber rear spoiler
  • Carbon fiber suspension cross-brace
  • Double spoke style 269 alloy wheels
  • BMW Performance brakes (with the yellow calipers)
  • BMW Performance air intake
  • Carbon finer interior trim
  • Illuminated door entry strips
  • Sports steering wheel with shift indicator

BMW Performance 3-SeriesWhen I say almost the full range – it’s because it looks like the BMW Performance front bumper is installed but not the BMW Performance rear bumper which has a different design. However both M Aerodynamic rear bumper and BMW Performance rear bumper have carbon fiber diffusers available. You have a new intake but the BMW Performance exhaust system also seems to be missing.

These parts are all seriously expensive for stuff that don’t really add any performance to your car, except for those brakes. The wheels alone cost RM15,888 for the style 269 19 inchers while the style 313 costs more at RM16,888. They come with staggered run-flat tyres – 225/35R19 in front and 255/30R19 at the rear.

The interior trim package costs RM7,888, the carbon fiber exterior bits package costs RM10,888 and the BMW Performance front and rear bumper and skirts cost RM8,888. And these are just the parts that come with ‘package prices’ . I don’t have the prices for stuff like the upgraded brakes and sports steering wheel with shift lights. But BMW says everything that’s on the car you see in this post cost RM103,300!


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