Sunday, March 21, 2010

Audi TT

Officially official (or almost): Audi TT Clubsport

Officially official or almost Audi TT Clubsport

Volkswagen and Audi put any meat on the grill at the Worthersee 2007 with the presentation of the prototypes VW Golf GTI W12 650 and Audi TT Clubsportquattro concept. Each of them highlighted in its own way, and somehow set a precedent. For the reunion of fans this year, has already announced the Audi A3 TDI Clubsport quattro, and today has decided to drop the bomb with a version of Audi TT Clubsport much closer to production model. This is the same vehicle that we saw spied last week, and although officially remains conceptual, as well as we know it is put up for sale yes or yes.

The 2008 edition of Audi TT Clubsport follow the outlines set by the 2007 model. Like its predecessor, mounted under the bonnet of a 300 hp engine, presumably delivered by a block 2.0 TFSI associated with a change S tronic and traction system and parcel of the house. The 19-inch tires are sheltered by 255/35 rubbers, and about excessive wheel arches widen his figure with some additional muscle centimeters (6.6 if you want the specific figure).

One of his most outstanding external elements also is the biggest track that we will reach the assembly line: look at the windscreen surround and shape of the pillar A. What could have been bothered Audi TT to create some pillars of truth if it is theoretically only a design studio? Get inside, and again appear doubts about the purpose of the model, lifted by a passenger topped extremely well for being a simple prototype, with touches of aluminum everywhere and abundant patches of orange leather.

In the press release, Audi TT even dares to say that "can not be dismissed a small number of production." As if necessary quit clearer. Basically, it is the refined version of a conceptual model. From here, and can only go to dealers.

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The Audi TT-S also faces prematurely The Audi TT-S  also faces prematurely

Motorpasion has somehow managed to throw down the gauntlet to 20 images apparently officers and nearby Audi TT-S, that soon we will see in the Hall of Detroit. It will be equipped with a 272 hp version of the famous 2.0 TFSI engine of Volkswagen Group, and may be purchased in both coupe and convertible body.

Other features include LED lighting, mirrors the style metal S, four exhaust pipes and distinctive plates necessary. In the images (pity Watermarks), we can see very clearly a redesigned front, with larger inlets, a sharp front spoiler and polished touches on the bars of the grill. Tires should be as little 18-inch, and the arches filled almost to the limit (although this is not going to stop preparers, and you know).

They say rumors (and non-rumors) that the Audi TT-S will be the production model that Audi TT has promised to the Hall of Detroit, while the tap "impressive" will give a version of the Audi V12 TDI R8


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