Monday, March 22, 2010

Cs Audi A4 Turbo

Japanese rocket gets Italian styling treatment!
Toora T670 19x8.0 wheels grabs your attention , inside
Paul has Personal steering wheel, drop gear knob and gator
CD DVD player, CEM suspension with strut brace and a lot more.

Coming mods will feature TAROX 10 front 6 rear piston caliper brake
upgrades to slow him down fast and safe!

More to list on this car soon!

Andrew Bailey's 1980 Fiat Spider 2000
Drop dead gorgious, Andrew put a huge effort into detail and style, not to mention always super clean!
He calls her AMORE , and over the last few years Andrew has taken this classic sports car and turned it into an elegant envey of all Fiat owners in fact anyone who loves sports cars looks at this car in awe.
First and formost, Andrew has had his entire body and subframe restored and re-inforced, the finish and top are always in top show condition.
Some of Andrews mods include TOORA T250 17x7.0 wheels, TAROX 4 pot 284mm brake upgrade, full suspension upgrade, interior upgrades with NARDI steering wheel, gear, knob, leather gator, and pedal set.
Potenza project in progress, now the car looks,handles and stops incredibly, what was missing - the power output of a modern motor.SO...
CEM found Andrew a suitable transplant, and the project is going forward. Under the hood will be a modified Lancia 16v 245+ HP motor from a 1991 Integrale Turbo!
Keep watching we will post more on Andrews "beauty becomes beast" project as we go along!


Paul Cs Audi A4 Turbo

An excellent example of Sport tuning a road car. TOORA 670s in 19 inch, with tastefully chosen Nardi Gara Sport steering wheel, pedal sets, gear knob and gator boot. CEM suspension springs,Turbo increase, blow off and chipped the motor, with proper free flowing exhaust system his motor easily achieved 25% more power without sacrificing its drivability. Tarox brake package was installed and now it slows down and stops incredibly as well!
More details soon!


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